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We need to talk about life. What makes a good one? Why is your life yours? And what role should the government play in it?

We think a good life gets off to a healthy start, contains some work and some play, and feels safe all the way through – with someone always there to help if you get into a spot of bother. We don’t think it’s very fair if some people live GREAT lives when other people are living poor ones. Or, if the lives we live today damage the lives of future generations. Neither of those ideas make much sense to us.

Why is your life yours? And why are other people’s lives theirs? We don’t know and you don’t know. You didn’t choose your life and neither did anyone else. You didn’t choose what you parents were like, what religion they were, what neighbourhood you grew up in, what types of people you find attractive or what your body is like and how you feel about it. If you didn’t choose it, then it shouldn’t make a difference to your prospects. That’s how we think and it’s what we work towards. If you don’t agree, please tell us why here, so we can get a better understanding of how you think about things.

So, how should we, the (future) government, help you live a good life? We think it’s our job to help you relax. We want you to know that when times get tough we will be there. And that, if we’re doing our job well, we’ll create a society where tough times happen less often. We think you deserve to feel relaxed about your children’s start in life, your education (no matter your age), your physical and mental health, your finances, your living conditions and the future of your environment. It’s our job to understand how the systems responsible for these things work and to optimise them in a respectful way.

Respectful... I haven’t heard that word in a long time… We don’t think our job of improving systems stops with you, we think it’s essential we focus on our behaviour as politicians too. The last few years have shown us that right now it’s all a bit of a fucking mess! OMG did you just read that correctly? Yes you did. weOptimise.it politicians are human. We swear, we sometimes say dumb and offensive things, and we disagree with each other. But, given the position of responsibility that politicians have, that’s where it stops. weOptimise.it will make life harder for politicians. We know politicians can be dumb, so a central aim of our party is to make it difficult for them to do stupid things. More info will be provided on this soon, but we’ll be doing things like making it illegal for politicians to lie during election campaigns (sorry Boris) and making sure staff from any department or organisation controlled by an elected individual are able to quickly and loudly explain why they disagree with any proposed change or decision.

This is a line:

We are in the middle.

We are a party in the centre. What does that mean? To us, it means we are a party that is happy to talk about all things, even things that are uncomfortable. That includes awkward topics like immigration, parenting, assisted dying and legalising drugs. We’re not scared to get into these issues (or any others we can think of). And when we do, we will always approach the conversation from the middle – listening openly to both sides and looking at what has actually happened. But it takes two to tango – if you want to talk about something seriously, you too have to be ready to listen and learn about an issue in an open and respectful way.

Your views will not win. No one's will. Being a balanced party means the outcome is always a compromise of lots of different positions. We think that you are mature enough to be O.K. with not getting everything you want. By not trying to win totally, we all get to win a little.

“Sooo, what are your policies?” For weOptmise.it policy is a process. Optimising a system doesn’t happen if someone dictates what’s going to happen to it. It’s about understanding what the people who use the system need and want, understanding the processes at work inside the system, making experimental changes and then finding out if things have gotten better (or not). Because we think the focus should be on making things better, and not on us being very clever people, we try to be very good at admitting when we’re wrong. We will be optimising things in a consistent direction though: one that makes the people that use and provide the system more satisfied. So when you’re thinking “what will weOptimise.it do for the police?” or “how will weOptimise.it make my child’s education better?”, you can ask yourself “what change would make me more satisfied?”, then you can tell us about it and it will become one of the ideas in the mix. You’ll be able to see some of the ideas suggested by other people, discuss them and vote for the ones you like. Even if you think you’re not qualified to share an idea, we encourage you to do so. It’s often the people that feel that way that have the best ideas.

Now it’s your turn to do some work. Do you want things to get better? If you do, it’s your job to tell us what’s wrong and why (and what’s working well and why).

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WHO? The founder of weOptimise.it is 29 year old Joshua Eichler-Summers. He holds a BSc in Economics from University College London, a foundation in Psychotherapy and Counselling from the Westminster Pastoral Foundation and is currently completing a MSc in Psychology of Mental Health at the University of Edinburgh. He is the founder of The School of Dream Orientated Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, an organisation focused on using the scientific method to investigate the use of dreams in therapeutic treatment, and has published a proposal for a new interpretation of dreams based on the neurology of mind-wandering.